1. The founder and creative director of Threadless give a talk on The 99%. Good stuff. Stay scrappy!

  2. I just discovered The Civil Wars today <3 The first song they ever wrote together, “Falling”

  3. Love Song#1, The White Buffalo

    So in love with this man’s music. 

    Image: http://filtermagazine.com

  4. Maybe it was the whistle, or maybe it was the hat. Either way, I’m slightly mesmerized.

    * *


    It just occurred to me…maybe you know Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros..maybe you don’t. Either way, this is Alexander’s (lead of Edward) solo effort. “Truth”, in one of his most beautiful performances of it.

  5. I once was fooled by cadillacs and honey 

    but no one feels like you ♪


  6. If I Did A Book #1

    This is my 100th post! 

    To celebrate, I thought ‘why not design my own book cover?’ After all, I keep yammering on about what I like, etc etc, so it’s about time I gave it a shot. :)

    I’d been postponing this project for weeks and weeks, trying to think of what book I’d like to try for the first time, until….!

    I saw this marvelous photo by Yura Kuznetsov which coffeeislovely posted/reblogged a while back!


    And it just hit me: Of course! Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach!

    The perfect book to begin with, I think. :) So, without much further ado, here’s my very first book cover design:





    Yura K. is credited for the photograph in my faux synopsis and the synopsis is an excerpt from the story itself. A wonderful, transcendental read :) 


  7. Random Book Covers Have I Loved #34

    Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand

    Jacket Photograph: Joel Sartore (National Geographic Stock images)

    Publisher: Random House

    A belated birthday gift from Jose Jose! Check out his amazing art/style blog!

    I cannot even begin to explain how in love I am with Laura Hillenbrand’s writing. When I first read the preface of Seabiscuit, I got goosebumps all over. Now, reading the preface of Unbroken, my entire scalp prickled in a wave of chills!

    Reading her is like running your hands over old polished wood. You see the rich, fine grain of the wood and yet it is smooth under your fingers. You feel a dependable weight under your hands and it reassures you that yes, you are in the hands of an artisan, a real carver of words. *sigh, one day….!

    Louis Zamperini, age 93

    image source: Google


  8. Jose Jose, you are this boy. :)


  9. I can’t help but think she looks like Virginia Woolf. 


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